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W e are committed to educating the public about the need for, and benefits of, orthodontic treatment. We are fully trained to treat and handle all your orthodontic problems. We are here to help answer any questions you may have. Your dental health, well-being and smile is important to us. It is our hope that the public in Malaysia will entrust your life-long dental well-being to Orthodontists, and one who is a member of the Malaysian Association of Orthodontists.

The Malaysian Association of Orthodontists is the only national specialist orthodontic association in Malaysia. We are a Non-Governmental and a Non-Profit making Association. We have been in existence for 22 years since 22nd September 1994. We are proud to be the pioneer specialists dental association in Malaysia, a noble idea mooted by our founding members.

S ince our inception with 41 members, we have grown by leaps and bounds, comprising more than 95% of the specialist orthodontists in Malaysia, be they in the Private sector, the Government sector (Ministry of Health & Armed Forces) or the academia. Our association is the largest specialists dental association in Malaysia and is the ONLY orthodontic association that is recognised by the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) and Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society (APOS) as the national specialist orthodontic association.

Only dentists who graduate from recognised dental schools and who proceed to successfully complete a recognised structured and intensive clinical course of study in orthodontics for a minimum of 3 years from an accredited orthodontic post-graduate programme are accepted for membership to the Malaysian Association of Orthodontists.

The AIMS of MAO:-

4.1          To advance the art and science of orthodontics as a specialty and branch of the dental sciences which includes the study of growth and development of the jaws and face in particular, and the body in general, as influencing the position of the teeth, dento-alveolar structures, the study of internal and external influences on the development, the prevention and correction of abnormal development of the dento-facial structures.

4.2          To foster and preserve the identity and practice of orthodontics.

4.3          To strive for and maintain the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct within the specialty.

4.4          To encourage education and research in the field of orthodontics and related subjects and, when possible, to engage through mutual cooperation with affiliated regional / international member associations/societies to achieve this aim.

4.5          To disseminate information to the public on aspects of orthodontics with the prior approval of the authorities concerned.

4.6    To foster friendship and brotherhood amongst affiliate associations/societies as well    as individual members of regional and international associations/societies.

4.7    To aim to carry out research and promote Orthodontics through setting up a charity committee and/or subsidised clinic(s), where possible, in collaboration with other like-minded professional associations and/or organisations, non-governmental or governmental organisations, or singly on her own, through mutual cooperation whether locally, nationally or at international levels, with the purpose of helping those segments of society in need.

Malaysian Association of Orthodontists

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Malaysian Association of Orthodontists,
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